MUTUS LIBER is the electroacoustic organic black noise project of Chase Middaugh from Novelist, Teeth So Sharp, London vs New York, and Golden Dawn Trio*.
The project was started in 2005 initially to build the groundwork for the electronic tracks on a never-released Novelist album. The material was further developed when the pieces were expanded and requests for live performances became regular.
Laughing Bride Media released the debut full-length 'provided with eyes, thou departest' in 2007. a follow-up album is expected to be released in 2011.
MUTUS LIBER has shared the stage with such acts as James Plotkin, MGR, Destructo Swarmbots, Z'EV, Noveller, and Marc Burch.

*Golden Dawn Trio is a collaborative project between friends & colleagues mutus liber, VWLS & Beta Cloud- an improvised noise project of absurd, aggressive notions that has been described as a 'dim-witted power noise unit.' Alfred Brown has also taken part in performances.